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Starting the journey with Coca Cola bottling in 1993, Mr. Gulab Chand Ladhani formed Brindavan Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd (BAIL) [The first bottling partner of the Coca-Cola Company in India]. Today when growth and economics has attained new meaning and symbolism, his vision is very clear about development and reaching to new heights. Mr. Gulab Chand Ladhani has been sensitive and receptive to all the growing years. He trusts his roots and believes in being the basic in culture but has always been anxious to incorporate fresh and innovative elements to brace up ourselves. With expansion in hospitality, energy and real estate, he has taken the group turnover from scratch to 700 crores (US $120 million) in last 21 years.

“The success of the group lies with the human resources who have made commendable efforts in every situation and delivered the desired results, thereby performing better and better over the years.”

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